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Additional tours/field trips/programs/library/genealogy by appointment year round.

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Education Bookings

School Programs at the Conococheague Institute

With so many students wanting to learn about our Cultural and Natural heritage, we are pleased to welcome Schools, Home-school groups, and families to book a School Program at the Conococheague Institute. With numerous outdoor areas, we are able to use safe environments to engage your children while still giving them space to learn.

A paid educational program lasts 2 hours, and you are welcome to enjoy lunch in any of our picnic areas.

Fall 2023 Pricing for Program bookings are:

Participants $7

Education bookings

While we are able to offer programming to a range of sizes, a minimum of 10 is preferred. Our booking sizes can be as high as 120 students, but they are preferred on Thursday and Fridays to allow for both staff coverage and additional presenters to be scheduled.

We are currently offering a selection of program themes with different curriculum levels. They include:

18th Century Medicine and Surgery - Learn about Colonial Physicians, where medicine came from, and the Surgical tools they used. A great blend of Science, History, Grossness, and Entertainment!

Medicine and Surgery

Colonial Life on the Frontier - Discover the simple day-to-day skills people used throughout early American History, from Firestarting, Water Drawing, Gardening, and Cooking. Learn what our Ancestors wore, and how they lived. Our Frontier Cabin makes the perfect stage for this immersive program.

Quill Writing in the Piper Cabin

Fit and Fun: Early American Games - Join in on the fun by trying your hand at some of History's best loved games, from several cultures. From simple wooden tops and yoyos, tabletop games like draughts, to large outdoor group games like Cricket and Lacrosse. Some may seem familiar, some may seem strange, but all are a lot of fun.

Can You Frolic (cricket)

Nature Walks: Birds and Botany - Explore the beauty of nature and learn as a group some of the wonderful facts about the Flora and Fauna at CI. We have plants that can be used as medicine, beautiful flowers that support our thriving pollinator population. Our Birds range from Wetland Herons to Bald Eagles to tiny Finches. Why do birds fly? What can a bird's beak tell you? Find out these answers and more.

Woodlands Habitat

Women's Roles in Early America - Much of history talks about the Founding Fathers. But what about the Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Nieces, and Daughters, whose story often goes untold. In this program learn about the daily life of Women in the 18th Century, from their clothing and dress, daily chores, skills and professions, and the restrictive law of coverture which denied them equality.

Can you Work

Colonial Gardening - Get dirty with a hands-on learning program all about the 18th century Kitchen garden. Though many of the practices used in the garden at CI date to over 200 years ago and beyond, the practices are just as relevant for the modern organic hobby gardener. This program teaches visitors how to manage their garden through an 18th century lens. Building garden structures, turning over soil, and planting the first seeds of spring. All done in a manner familiar to the 18th Century.

Oscar Su Hoeing in the Garden

For more information on these and our other school programs please contact

Custom Programs are available at CI's discretion

If unavailable, CI will contact you for an alternative