Covid-19 Update August 8th, 2020

In a continued effort to maintain staff and visitor safety during the current COVID-19 circumstances, our buildings will remain closed to the public, unless otherwise specified during Special Events. During this time we will be focusing on exhibit redesign, program development, and new experiences for the future. However, our Grounds and Gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk, and parking is free. Walking tours and Childrens Explorer Packs are available near all parking areas, self-guided Interpretive wayside panels around the site give a wealth of information, and several hiking trails and open areas are available. When visiting please continue to follow CDC and local health guidelines and remain safe. Thank you for your consideration, and understanding.

For more information, please contact Matthew Wedd at or call at 717-328-2800 and leave a voicemail.

Walk Back in Time

The Conococheague Institute is a hands-on regional learning center. We are headquartered within Rock Hill Farm, a well-preserved historic farmstead that was established in the early 18th century in southern Franklin County, Pennsylvania, near the village of Welsh Run. Our 30-acre site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes two historic house museums with outbuildings, a research library, two relocated historic log structures, walking trails with access to a pioneer cemetery, and several historic gardens.

Frontier Woman

Our Mission

The mission of the Conococheague Institute is to develop and foster awareness, understanding, and stewardship of the cultural and natural history of the Appalachian frontier of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. The Institute strives to achieve its mission through education, research, and preservation.

Quill Writing in the Piper Cabin

School Programs at the Conococheague Institute

With so many families homeschooling, we are pleased to welcome Schools, Homeschool groups, and families to book a School Program at the Conococheague Institute. With numerous outdoor areas, we are able to use safer environments to engage your children while still giving them their Social Distance safety.

We are currently offering a selection of programs including:

18th Century Medicine and Surgery - Learn about Colonial Physicians, where medicine came from, and the Surgical tools they used. A great blend of Science, History, Grossness, and Entertainment!

Colonial Life on the Frontier - Discover the simple day to day skills people used throughout early American History, from Firestarting, Water Drawing, Gardening, and Cooking. Learn what our Ancestors wore, and how they lived. Our Frontier Cabin makes the perfect stage for this immersive program.

Colonial Games - Join in on the fun by trying your hand at some of History's best love games, from several cultures. From simple wooden tops and yoyos, tabletop games like draughts, to large outdoor group games like Cricket and Lacrosse. Some may seem familiar, some may seem strange, but all are a lot of fun.

Nature Walks: Birds and Botany - Explore the beauty of nature and learn as a group some of the wonderful facts about the Flora and Fauna at CI. We have plants that can be used as medicine, beautiful flowers that support our thriving pollinator population. Our Birds range from Wetland Herons to Bald Eagles...and our two peacocks of course. Why do birds fly? What can a bird's beak tell you? Find out these answers and more.

For more information on these and our other school programs please contact

Face the Bowler, not the WicketKeeper!

Enjoying the Conococheague Institute during COVID-19

While our buildings still remain closed to the public, now is a great time to visit the Conococheague Institute. With over 30 acres of a remote rural landscape, you can escape the crowds and enjoy nature's beauty. For Birding enthusiasts, our viewing platform over our wetlands area contains a wealth of healthy bird species from Redwing Blackbirds to our more extravagant Peacocks.

Our Grounds are dog friendly, so enjoy walking your furry friend around our Cemetery Trail Loop (which crosses the Welsh Run three times), or enjoy the shade under our tree line walk.

Nature hasn't taken a break during COVID-19 so check out the flowers in bloom throughout the grounds, or smell the herbs in our Four Square Garden.

Though internal Exhibits are closed, History doesn't stop! We now have walking tours and information packets at dispensers near each parking area, and our Interpretive Wayside panels give a rich history of the Buildings and their story. We are also endeavoring to release virtual programs every Sunday - So Check out our Facebook page for more information!

We recently started adding all our videos to Youtube. Check them out at Colonial Living at the Conococheague Institute.

As we continue to adapt, we hope to offer more outdoor programs such as Living History Demonstrations, History Hikes, and more. Again follow our Facebook page for more information as it becomes available.

Dogs on the Old Welsh Cemetery Loop Trail


Fall 2020 Progress Updates

We are extremely pleased to share the Fall progress here at the Conococheague Institute with our Members and Followers.

Though major events aren't practical right now, we are very happy to have had two successful Semi-Events. Midsummer Memories August 2nd had 100 visitors and was a wonderful chance to meet new volunteers. Most recently our Celebration of Summer event September 5th had 150 visitors! Each scheduled program throughout the day was attended by 30+ people and was very well received. We thank everyone who helped make the event a success.

Exhibit redesign has continued apace with the new home for the Medical Collection in the Visitor Center really allowing it to have its full potential. It has already been a host of a few school programs, and we are looking forward to its next step: Professional Interpretive Panels. The Cabin Renovations are a joy to behold, and each step forward makes them feel more like stepping back in time.

Chuck Holland and Patrick Todd have been working on the Bake Oven every week in an effort to have it down before the October 10th Members Meeting. The base is fully completed, we now have uprights and a roof. All that's left is the oven itself, and then its bread baking time!

Librarian Mary Hartmann has been continuing to prepare CI's impressive Library as a Members-only Lendable system. Don't forget to get a membership for the chance to be able to borrow from this 9000+ tome treasure. The CI Book Club has started up again too. For more information contact

We are happy to welcome several regular volunteers with a strong love of Nature. With their help, CI is developing its interpretation of its incredible Natural Resources, from it's Frog Population in the wetlands, to managing the Woodlot and removing invasives. We will have soon Nature Trail Panels thanks to a generous Franklin County Tourism Grant.

Stop by the Front porch of the Welsh Barrens Visitor Center and pick up a Children's 'Explorer' activity packs. This free activity pack is a great way for families with young children to enjoy History and Nature at CI. You can even download and print it off at home and bring it with you next time you visit!

To stay up to date on the progress here at the Conococheague Institute, make sure to follow our Facebook page...or stop by and see the progress yourself!

Save the Date!

Birds, Balls and Botany

Thursday 17th September: September Book Club, Welsh Barrens Visitor Center, 1 pm

Tuesday 22nd September: Fall Phone Campaign for Donations, All Day

Saturday 10th October: Ongoing Living History throughout the day with an Annual Members Meeting from 2 pm-4 pm

Standard COVID-19 Policies will apply. By staging all public activities outside, proper social distancing will allow maximum enjoyment and safety for all. If you cannot maintain a 6 ft distance from someone, please follow CDC and State Guidelines and wear a face mask.

For more information on similar upcoming events, become a Member and sign up for our email newsletters.